~Arise: To begin to occur or to exist, to begin at a source, to get up from sleep or after lying down. ~

“Indeed, Amoi. Arise.” Such were the thoughts within Jupiter's own mind. It was now the morning of the 17th day since Amoians woke to what appeared to be the end of the world. And only time would tell if the decisions made by one sentient being so long ago, would have a successful outcome. Though she was first created of metal, software, and circuitry, she was destined to possess a heart of gold. Blinking lights that once upon a time, interacted with her people as the Living Text, would now ponder her civilization's future after coming to life after 500 years of wars. But she was not alone. The remnant of her once prosperous people formed the last surviving Clan, that would evolve to become The Firm of Sword and Shield.

Together they planned and executed the return of their people, through Jupiter's hope that Iason could be found. And if the famed love between her Flame and his Tempest true had survived, the possibility of finding them both would be nothing short of miraculous. She never thought it would take 10,000 years. Unfortunately, many souls would be forever lost, neither to be seen again, nor collected after Yousi, Omaki and Argent died, as the collection program died with them, and Lady Yuri. Now the present society was set in place to welcome the reanimated, and many would need to be reassured of their place in the present order of things.

She walked the quiet halls of her tower, the many halls of the medical centers, and among the ruins of all her major cities. Through her satellites and the scanning done by Lord Khosi's ship, she could see there was much destruction. But the new rivers and forming lakes were promising for the return of Amoi's former greenbelts. She peered into the stars above, as strong measures for security would begin with the Path of the Ancients. This was not opened for discussion and would be sealed once again with strict control, for Lord Kai would never allow its use by potential enemies. Lord's Valcor Fai, and Rene Am both concurred, as did the Firm.

Jupiter continued to make appearances, even while her people rushed to aid the injured, and rescue those still trapped beneath the rubble. She pondered the many outcomes indefinitely in her private version of the “What if's.” Jupiter's thoughts reached back to her furthest memories, knowing the strength and character of her people would rise within them. A confidence she knew was programmed in her origins by Iason, who always asked the “what if's” when he was young. Just as in their former time, she knew that their desire to live and overcome that destruction was powerful.

She knew every cell of their bodies, every flaw in their being. They were intelligent, courageous, and passionate. But it was still a mystery to her, as to how these three Clans developed their inner powers. Having scoured the universe in search of her Ancients, she never came across any other civilization that developed such gifts. Amoians were for a lack of a better word: Gods. She knew that a race of beings such as her Royals did notevolve into their present physical and mental powers. And because of Iason's hobby of digging into the past, his youthful endeavors revealed an anomaly. One she quietly labeled “Specimen 0001.”

Of course, Iason was but a child then. He quickly found that treasures were far more interesting than old bones. But to Jupiter, this was not the end, but only the beginning of such discoveries. And with new beginnings, come new challenges, even dangers. Because Iason was never one to just let things go. This ancient planet of extraordinary people had a history that even Jupiter was not aware of, though she did keep such things in her private files. Excavating the past slowed down as Iason matured and his responsibilities grew, so Jupiter never had a reason to dig deeper than Iason in the current era. But Amoi did have a history beyond that of Royal Houses. One that was written long before the three Clans came to be. She quarried herself, because she has not thought about those days in a long time. Perhaps it was all of the land movements, the long awaited step forward with her people. Or was it the fact that Iason was underground for so long, she was triggered in her reboot to recall that long forgotten specimen. The winds of change have come, and like a breeze that kicks up when the jet stream of a planet changes, this coming wind was cold, ancient, and about to be realized.


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