Glee’s Secret Stash.

We will kick off the video’s with “Hell on an Angel.”


This one is a collection of files found by Glee Stewart, put to the music of “Hell on an Angel” by: Brantley Gilbert.

Next is “The Broken”  


This is a collection of files found by Glee Stewart, and put to the music of “The Broken” By” Lit.

Next we have some more video’s that just seem to speak for “The Lost Books.” Please enjoy each one once they are placed. Now please do not be too harsh, these are all home made with limited supplies.  Standing in for Glee in all the video’s is Setsuna, the copyright of Kaori Yuki’s “Angel Sanctuary.”  Please Let me know what you think.


Here is a list of songs used in every chapter Posted so far. Hope ya like it. Soon to come, music playlists with songs from each chapter.

 Book One:

Chapter 1: Magic Dance

Chapter 4: F*#king Perfect

Chapter 5: Leaving Song,

Never Say Die

Chapter 9: No More Sorrow,

Given Up,


Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’,

Dude looks like a lady,(N/A) 


Chapter 11: Going Under,

How you remind me,

Black Birds 

Chapter 12: Death Or Glory,


Chapter 17: As The World Falls Down,

With In You,


Chapter 18: Evil Angel 

Chapter19: Yakusoku Wa Iranai (No Promises Necessary) (N/A)

Chapter 20: Crawling in the dark,


Two Ravens,

Vampire Heart 

Chapter 21: Broken,

Hysteria (N/A)

Chapter 23: It’s Not My Time (N/A)

Chapter 28Here Comes the Rain Again 

Chapter 29: Smells Like Teen Spirit 

Chapter 30: Runaway 

Chapter 32: Larger Then Life 


“Hell on an Angel” belongs to – Brantley Gilbert. Images from Ai no Kusabi are the copyright of Reiko Yoshihara/DMP, and Taming Riki are the copyright of Kira Takenoushi. Creative Images of Raoul/Katze are the copyright of Mathia Arkoniel


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