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    Name – aristianfan
    Country – Czech Republic
    Comments – Wow!!! This is too excellent an update to be described by simple words. It is lovely and magnificent and includes so much of Ian… I simply love that child! I neveer thought I’d see Lord Raimen cry, he must’ve been truly happy at being called Father. Yes the fathers coming back are amazing line here, but I can not wait when the women become returning. This chapter was stuffed with amazing situations and perfect scenes and it did not fail to poke several curious holes in my head: like that of Commander Khosi ever getting a taste of the Ancient’s charms, or that of the awakening Lords under quarantine… or that of the awakening Amoi, which is going to become a chapter upon itself… a miracle, really. I am so worried over Jupiter, I would not like to watch the good entity being destroyed by hatred after all the love that she put up and went without, only to give it to her beloved children Lady Jupiter is the true heroine here and I really hope that all of the royals will participate in protecting her.

    I enjoyed reading this update very, very much… but I already have troubles keeping my impatience in check, since your updates just manage to light up my days… always =)
    Thank you very much, my Lady

  2. Thank you so much for the 2 stories 🙂 It was the best New Year I had when I saw it :)) Will be waiting patiently for your other updates ….. I hope it’s Monique’s turn …. it would be interesting to see how Raul will have to fend off her many admirers :))

    1. Thank you, Nennen! I am glad your new year began with a smile, and yes, I can’t wait to post the next chapters. 😉 Raoul will have his hands full, with the first Intellect female, other than Yuri up and about. 😀

  3. Wow!!! Lady Monique is one strong lady. I can’t imagine sleeping in your sarcophagus waiting for your death. I would have gone crazy before long. Strength and Grace .. now that’s something! 🙂 Ohhhh but this new character having his own awakening far from home …. hmmm … he seems to be in the perfect position to be a savior of Amoi … as if deliberately placed there by fate ….. ohhhhh this is getting excitinnnnnggg!!!! Thank you so much for the update!!! :))

    1. Yes, she just waited for the end to come, LOL. But by then she was near death herself. There’s much more to be written, and I’m glad you are enjoying this book! Thanks for the awesome review, I’m excited too!
      Alex 😀

  4. Woooot! So this is the highly exciting second part of your chapter? It is absolutely amazing, let me say =) I was more than breathless when I read through the talks between Lord Ahura (whom I absolutely love) and the young crown Princes. I am really enjoying the rush this chapter gave, it is perfect and sooooo epis… truly epic proportions and very nearlystunning! Heh, so the Commander finally fell under the Lord Fathers’ spell? Oh well, at least in his dreams he is allowed to fantasize. The chapter is amazing, as all of the events finally connect, I can not wait for the conclusion, my Lady =) And thank you so much for this update!

    1. Thanks, Sweetie! <3 I'm glad you enjoyed it! The Commander can only hope to get that close *laughs* but the plot is still young, LOL. It really was a rush to finally get Lord Ahura and Lord Felix's contribution to this series, and the questions as to whether or not some of the Elite can awaken on their own. Now it's a race against time, and how the use of power will effect Jupiter when the sh*t hits the fan. I wonder if Lord Ahura will be able to help our lovers control their "release" of power, without blowing up the sun? 😀 Thanks for the great review, hun! <3

  5. Chapter 22: 30 Heartbeats

    From the title of this chapter I expected something unusual, really life-changing… and it was. It was strong and epic, and it gave me chills at places. I was so shocked by the overall swaying, and by Ian’s actions with Jupiter. The young man interests me more and more, and so I am hoping that you’ll give him more space in some of the next chapters. It was a chaos, though the storytelling was not chaotic at all… but I feared with Lord Felix, and got enflamed with the Queens, because they are both so stunning, it really hurts my eyes.

    When you promised that the Royals will come into commanding Amoi once more, I could not even imagine, that their first task would have them a run for their money. All in all, this chapter give a strong impression of a powerful storm, where the reader steads in its eye – watching, anxious, and literally yelling at the author to finally do SOMETHING (literally) or they will all become just crazy flicks of energy…. 😀

    It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, thank you.

    1. Thanks for the awesome review, sweetie! 🙂 I know these past chapters have been a bit on the dark side, but it’s always darkest before the light (right?). The Royals do have their work cut out for them indeed! Just as Jupiter saved them all from extinction, it is now up to them to save her. *no spoilers!* LOL. The powerful storm I’m afraid is in the delicate hands of one young Warrior Prince, who is once again in the middle of that storm. 😉

      It was quite an undertaking to do this chapter as the end comes near for this book. There are always many ends to tie up, and it always comes down to characters and their individual paths. This book has two sets of characters, those that already existed in the original story by Reiko Yoshihara, and by Kira Takenouchi.” And the second set of characters of my own original design, being the Royal Family and the “Ancients”. That’s where I am my own worst enemy in closing a book, because there are so many plots and sub-plots that have my readers going in many directions that all end up in the end with their own concluding paths.

      So as you can see, this book will be hard pressed to have it’s finality, since there is still so much to tell about my own Ancients, I’m afraid I may need to keep going.

      Thanks for reading my little story! <3
      p.s. No yelling at the writer! 😛

      1. No yelling at the writer? Ah, my Lady, you wound me! Like I could rise my voice at the fourth clan o.o Not even my guts are that tough, LOL! You have been hard working to kep my brainpan frying, so I had to pay you with the same coin back, right? Please refer from taking my capitalized words too seriously aside from providing more chapters for this crazy lady with no cats!
        (bows and goes write a review)

        1. >.< Thanks Sweetie! If you didn't crack that whip, Iason and Riki would still be making out on the sidelines, whilst this crazy-lady was yanking her hair out trying to give them their happy ending... ^_^

  6. on Chapter 24, I have so much running though my brain at the moment, that it is nearly impossible for me to switch it off. I have finished reading the installment, and I cannot wait to see the reactions of everyone else when they get to learn the whole ordeal, and not just the less exciting part! Yes, I am saying less exciting (pardon me) because I know what comes next, and I have to say, that it took my breath away, and threw my imagination severely off balance. Not everyone is capable of doing that, and the culmination towards the end of this chapter is booming epic… it cannot be possible described with moderate words.
    I laughed hard at Lord Ahura’s startled expression when the real powers kicked in, and could not help but feel amazed by the sheer dimension on which the awakening was happening. Amoi is one awesome planet, I tell you. I was very, very scared for Riki out there, and Lord Kai… but they are all so powerful and so clearly determined to make their home beautiful once more. Btw, where are those two young men from Yasuo right now? I wanna know! And then, I want to see some sweetness, since the fair Lady Monique is finally on the same ground as the mischievous Lord of the Taming Tower, hahaha! But I guess there is a lot to coe, before this book can be successfuly closed. And, well, I have already started to conteplate a title for the next arc, so you better start planning it.
    Thank you for this amazing experience. It truly is worth reading several times, since it is thick with action… and so much emotion. Good job, my Lady <3

    1. This was one hell of a ride. >.< I was happy to finally get the right foot forward and finally let my fingers run wild on the keyboard... *they are quite sore as a matter of fact* I was hoping you liked their "unveiling" of their true "powers" LOL! 😀 It was just as Lord Raimen said, "If they held it in, they'd blow up the sun!" *giggles* So much more I want to add, and I'm happy you were there to nudge me forward. <3 The next arc will be fun, filled with love and reunions, and plenty of angst. :3 Thank you for the awesome review! <3 The Fourth Clan rocks!

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