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Thank you for your support and encouragement! I’m so pleased to present Violet Broken Wing I.  I hope you enjoy my debut novel and look forward to part 2 of this wonderful romance.  


Nobles of Heaven and of the Underworld are more than Angels and Demons. They vigilantly watch over mankind and the delicate balance between good and evil. Without these guardians keeping the peace, Angels would rule the earth with an iron fist, while Demons would choose to revel in its destruction. Violet is a Guardian Angel, and a Noble of Heaven, whose many talents include the ability to read the hearts of men, which more often than not, gets her into trouble. Especially when her gaze turns to a handsome young artist, who frequents Central Park in New York. Takara is a Noble of the Underworld, with a reputation for being aloof, and a recluse. He lives among men as a world-famous painter, whose gifts include painting living portraits known as Captures. He has always been content to paint all things beautiful, be they heavenly or otherwise, but finds himself drawn to Violet for her elegance and innocence. But most of all for her perfect violet eyes. When an unforeseen accident places Violet at Takara’s feet, the sparks between them will threaten the oldest peace treaty between the two realms. Will they become the catalyst that dooms mankind?

M/M Gay, Fantasy, Romance

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