The Immortals

Gaius wrote in the scrolls:

“It is a tiny flicker in the darkness.  A flame easily extinguished.  A life that dances on the tips of our tongues.  A life made for creatures of the night.  As Rome burned, and our enemy advanced, our thirst for blood would no longer be a secret.  Our haunting gaze is both feared and worshipped.  Our beauty is the lure that has kept us hidden in plain sight, but in the shadows throughout history.  It is said, that one can see their life flash before their eyes when faced with death, then what does it mean to a man who has lived forever?  That is what I witnessed on the day the sun began to rise, and my beloved, Antonius fell into the flames.  I should have followed…

Gaius Fabia Priscus 395 A.D.

The oldest Vampire Coven of Ancient Rome is flushed out, and House Priscus is no longer under the protection of Theodosius I. The hounds of Germania give chase to their old enemy from the four corners of the Roman Empire, and throughout history.  It is now the 18th Century, and Gaius, now known as Count Edmond Bayard of London, learns his lover, Antonius, may have survived his fall, on that fateful day.


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One thought on “The Immortals”

  1. Name – aristianfan
    Country – Czech Republic
    There are lots of things that are worthy of being written here: I would offer a few at least though: This fiction is very lovely, although I was not allowed past the restricted area, it still gave me a fairly great experience from antique times. I love the settings – a cross of the past and not so old past. It’s very refreshing as is your work with the characters here. I love Antonius, though it confuses me at times when Edward longs for him… I wonder when that lovely young man died? I need to find out, I know! You have this book perfectly set and I really appreciate your thoughts on immortals sharing a part in the power rules of Ancient Rome… For I believe they really did. I can admit that have not been very fond of vampires in the past, but here they are not scary, they are using their power as nobles… just like Rai from The Noblesse manwha, if you know that one =) That is so different – and just great to follow such men in their love – and life trips. I hope to read more soon, and until then, gotta take a peek at Many Faces of Amelio. But: I have to admit that your writing style really suits me well, you know? Sometimes I feel like I am reading a very smoothly inserted reality… it’s that clear, yet perfectly fits the mood of the story. Nom nom!
    So thank you very much for letting me in, again =)

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