The Lazarus Effect

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4 thoughts on “The Lazarus Effect”

  1. I wanted to give my first review actually after reading the second chapter of Lazarus Effect, but seeing as it is only the first part of that chapter repeated, I will not. I trust you will make correct this so I can enjoy what is there to learn =)
    Thank you most kindly

  2. Chapter 9: Night Moves: I just wanted to squeal and yell thank you!!! when I found out about the new update to this book, because I really love it and have been waiting on pins and needles for the next development. I am so happy that Jake allowed Ken closer to himself. I like Jake very much, his character thought struggling knows no fear when it comes to help for the needy and serving justice. That man is incredible,though I suspect that his past lover is going to make appearance soon judging by those creepy signs, hehe! But that is all going to be just perfect, because the book´s tension is only going to gain another level and become more awesome! I need to admit that when I started reading this book, I did not expect it to capture my attention this much. Alas, since it did, I just want to thank you and say, that it is incredible, interesting and reads in one breath =) I also enjoy the moments with Asral and Gabriel butting in and all, those two are just hilarious at times and other moments most mysterious. Such well done character work! I can not wait for your next update, my Lady! I am most happy,that you have given us this wonderful piece, but remember, my reading appetite is always hungry 😀

    1. Thanks Hela! 😀 This by far is the most complicated book in my line up. -.- Writing about life and death and where we go from there, is one of those subjects most shy away from like politics. LOL But mix it with reincarnation, and ghosts makes for an interesting book. Thanks for the awesome review, Sweetie! <3

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