The Many Faces of Amelio

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  1. Chapter 14
    Since this is the fourth time I am trying to write and post a review here without it actually getting deleted by my stubborn keyboard, I will be short and I apologize for that: I enjoyed everything here, really. There was such surprise when Amelio began to see King Verdun´s and his father´s trails from the past as if they were written in front of him like a book… which they were in fact=) STILL, this archeological mystery is truly amazing and most adventurous. I love Amelio´s thoughts of Jeremy and Keylor´s jealous nature and dark side. And I was touched by princess Saraia´s ordeal, but the is just awesome =) I wanted to thank you for this awesome novel once again and say that I am already mad with curiosity about the result and what the future brings =) Thanks, Alex!

    1. Thanks Hela! We better have a talk with that keyboard, I know I was tempted to toss my laptop out the window, when I first got it. It takes some getting used to (too small!) Thanks for the review, I hope you continue to enjoy the fiction! 😉 Amelio has his work cut our for him, and Jeremy needs to escape Keylor’s roaming hands, no?

  2. When someone says a mysterious fic, this is what it should read like, I believe! I just can not get enough of this book, nor is it getting boring. I enjoyed everything that vent on between Ala and king Verdun and I love Lady Saraia. All these mysteries are keeping me on my toes for more to come and enjoy soon (I hope). I had fun and fun and I love how Jeremy now thinks of Amelio and how Keylor gets more and more pissed for his inability to reach the rein over their world. I am curious as to how Jeremy or the whole Alan´s group get back to the present and what comes next! Keep up the great job hun <3 and thank you for a great reading time (yes, several times in fact =)

  3. Hello, this is my first time giving a review t something as new as your type of erotic fanfiction, my friend. But I feel that I had to at least thank you for guiding me further into the world of your writing. I truly enjoyed the first chapters of Amelio, especially about his psychic abilities and anguish. I think that the man has a lot before him to walk yet, and since I really liked what happened between him and professor Jeremy (yes, liked, think of that what you will), I hope that the story gets better with further chapters into it. Your writing style comes really easy to me so nothing disturbed my experience. I wanted to give you review sooner, but could not find that button on the chapter´s site.
    Anyways, the story is good and seems that there are adventures, too. And the characters look promising. Also, this is not the last time you are hearing from me about Amelio, I believe. I just wanted to thank you for showing me the way. It has also been somewhat … enlightening for my feelings, if you get me. I have never really expected to find myself reading male x male stories, yet here I am. And this is fun. Thank you very much and have a good night. I shall recommend your page to some of my friends, because I think that you might get more fans from their lines =)
    Please update, sis is already hopping around, mumbling something about Keylor (wonder, who that is).

    1. Welcome to my website, Vit!

      I’m happy that you are enjoying Amelio, and his complicated world. He is one of my favorites (yes, we writers have favorites) because his life includes the supernatural. Truth be told, I never thought I’d be writing in the world of m/m, but here I am as well. *grins* Thank you for the great review (and for sharing,) I’m looking forward to your comments as the story continues. 😀

      Alex <3(o.O)<3

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