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  1. I thought that I would not find anything more interesting on your site after I started to read Amelio.. And here I stand, stunned and silent, with absolutely no clue how an amazing story like Violet came to the day’s light. Violet is stunning. Literally. I am loving Takara and all the Noble world you set up in the Heaven and on Earth… It’s so well done, thought through and just nudging at my consciousness. It’s excellent if that superlative should be the highest point of praise here. Violet was so fragile as a female Angel, yet from the point when she changed into a man for Takara, I knew that the man would simply be irresistible! The temptation voiced and shown was just too big… and I loved how VIolet and Takara surrendered to the fact of feelings for each other. As for Takara, I wish I could have met him… and it is your fault – or accomplishment, take it any way you wish =D He is strong, responsible, loyal and has the most interesting ring of friends around him. Like Lord Anubis… or Jun… or his parents. It’s simply a story that left me breathless when I started to read it, then literally devouring the quickly developing plot… and now I am here, at your door, knocking for more nourishment to my impatiently growling, eager mind. Captured once again by another work of yours, I am bowing before your great imagination.
    Oh God, how I wish I could live in such exciting world… where love of the same gender doesn’t get suppressed and beaten… and where I could be myself and yet not appear weird to the people around me, since your style and noble thoughts makes me long for sharing that world in my reality!
    Thank you! <3

    1. Thanks Hela! I wanted to write a love stories that capture your heart when you read them. This story began as a poem, and it quickly came to life on it’s own. I want you, as the reader to feel what they feel, and be there cheering or booing their conquests, or loathing and loving their trials. Violet’s change was the most incredible thought I had after beginning this poem, and Takara’s links to Anubis and his favor was quite delicious. LOL!

      Thanks for the great review! *does her snoopy dance*

  2. Takara´s thoughts and musing are really wonder of this book. I find myself fascinated by this Noble demon time and time again, as he makes his moves with enough character and wisdom to rpove himself not once, but countless times. I sorely wish I were Violet and could experience the passionate love of this amazing man. Falling in love with a book character has not happened to me in ages, Kyaaa! Unfortunately, I am neither a man, nor an angel who can capture Takara´s attention. But I sure enjoyed his travels around the underground today, they are excellent and soo interesting! I can´t wait to see Violet and Takara together again! I love them so much! HUGS for the amazing writer! Bows in thanks =)

    1. Thank you sweetie!
      I love this story too! I remember when I was drawing up the outline, that I wanted the love between these two beings to rock the treaty between both realms with a bit of tongue and cheek between Lord Anubis of the underworld, and Lord Gabriel of the heavenly host. Their journey has taken them across many barriers, and I can’t wait to finish this great romance! Thanks for the great review! 🙂


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