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The Lost Books

Chapter 1 :The Gift

Glee stood looking in the mirror. He looked at his own reflection, then his eyes moved to the reflection of a boy sitting behind him in a chair. "Yo Riki, ya got that letter for this Iason guy? If I happen to see him during my imprisonment on Amoi, I’ll give him your letter."

The boy named Riki smiled looking up, "Yeah, I got it. Man I hope he ain’t been out looking for me. It's been nearly three years I think. "

Glee nodded taking the letter then de-aging himself to appear as a seventeen year old boy and smiled. He moved towards the door, and with a backwards wave to his wild card pet, he headed to the throne room to be taken as a gift to Amoi. He wondered if they were expecting a gift of this type.


Iason headed towards Jupiter's inner chambers. He was summoned to be briefed with regards a new trade alliance with a little known system that existed outside of their own. This was always a point of interest to Iason, as Head of the Syndicate, because he would need to welcome them, and be the Liaison between the new government and Amoi's.

Raoul was standing at the end of the hall where Iason's glass of wine was ready for him, should he want a drink before entering. Raoul knew this trade alliance was cloaked in mystery, and as Amoi's Head of Intelligence, Raoul was to join Iason in Jupiter's inner chambers.

"So do you know what this meeting is about? I've rarely ever attended with you Iason."

Iason looked at Raoul, "Well, Jupiter's been a bit vague with regards this new trade alliance, so I'm afraid I am in the dark with regards their Liaison to Amoi." Iason and Raoul awaited Jupiter's message, to enter her chambers.

Glee stood facing his King, the ruler of his planetMakai. The man's name was Justin. Beside the king, was a man on one knee, who was Glee's own father, Lee. Lee would be the one taking Glee to Amoi, and would be their Liaison, to open trade. The main import would be in medical supplies. The people of Makai had done well with decreasing age limits, healing wounds a hundred times faster than Amoi’s best Accelerator. It was also a way for King Justin to gauge how many from his world had escaped into the world of Amoi.

Lee took his son's arm and headed for a portal that would place them on a false ship sent to Amoi. The ship had landed at the space station only a few moments, before Glee and Lee were on it. Glee was scowling. But kept his mouth shut as Lee walked with him to the meeting place in Jupiter’s chambers. But first they made their way to the building slowly, Lee was cloaked in black from head to toe.

Iason and Raoul entered her inner chambers, "Iason, I asked you both today to introduce you to the new trade member of this sector. They are human in appearance, however, that is the extent of our data on the sort of beings that they really are. They approached us with the intent of offering us advance medical knowledge, and as you know, we are at the top of the list in this sector in that field. So to have one offer advancement in healing properties is worth the offer in trade alone. As you know Accelerator is the best, aside from natural healing, and Amoians are adverse to its use. I thought that if a medical advancement in the healing of wounds was available, Lord Heiku would make leaps and bounds in the quality of life for Amoi's injured."

Iason placed his hand on his chin, "I see, it does have merit to look into this breakthrough."

Raoul was not so optimistic, "Lady Jupiter, what do we know about their advancement with regards, security? It seems a bit odd to accept them on word alone, is it not?"

Jupiter was silent for a moment. "Perhaps, but the visiting Liaison has assured me, that it is to our benefit to accept this, giving us a boost above all in this sector in providing our security with the means to heal faster, should we be involved in any military activity.”

Lee stood outside Jupiter’s inner chambers with Glee next to him. He took a breath, "Both of you stay here, I’ll call you in when needed, Glee."

Glee nodded and sat down by a wall, crossing his legs Indian style. He was bare footed, and wearing only a pair of black lather pants. The pants had a silver belt buckle on them, in the shape of a dragon, with the eyes made out of red rubies.

Lee waited as two small bare feet stepped out from under his cloak. The feet belonged to a beautiful long haired blonde boy, only about three years old. The boy was dressed in silk sleep pants and nothing else. He ran to Glee crawling onto the man's lap. Glee held on to the child.

Raoul and Iason turned around to see Lee enter the chambers. "Welcome, Lord Lee." Jupiter spoke in a diplomatic tone. “We hope your journey to Amoi was without incident?" Jupiter walked out of her statuesque image. “This is Lord Iason Mink, the Head of the Syndicate in this Sector, and my Head of Security, Lord Raoul Am."

Iason and Raoul bowed to Lee. "Welcome,” Iason smiled, "I do appreciate Makai's application to the Trade Alliance in the field of Medicine.”

Lee bowed but did not remove his cloak. He chose to keep his looks hidden. "The trip was well, thank you. It is nice to meet you all. Lady Jupiter, as you know I have come with a gift, a token of our appreciation for acceptance in our trade. But first, might we talk about the trade itself? I’m sure you would like to know what we have learned in the field of medicine, that we can offer such an advanced land as yours." Lee looked over the men. He had heard Iason’s name once before but he let it slide.

"It is we, who are grateful for your advancement in this field.” Jupiter spoke, “We have breached the element of time. That is, the time from injury, to complete healing. Accelerator is the top of the line to bridge the gap; however it is not without side-effects. The sting of cells regenerating is both painful, and not easily accepted by the patient. When you offered an advancement in this field, I was both pleased, and interested in regeneration without side effects." Jupiter looked to Iason. "My Elite, such as Lord Iason, and Lord Raoul, are my advancement in reanimation. My citizens have come far since the gang wars of the past." Jupiter walked around Lee, trying to scan him. But there was interference coming from within his body.

Lee nodded, the hood of his cloak moved slightly allowing them to see his red eyes. "I see, yes we have taken a step up in healing smaller wounds with out the pain, as well as advanced reconstruction of limbs even without the original missing limb. The reconstruction does take more time, but still a lot faster then being equipped with fake parts, or artificial limbs."

He looked towards the door, seeing through it, watching the small blonde boy named Kyokai, and Glee sitting quietly. He then looked at Jupiter. "Our gift is…was the head of our development department. He is rather young, but very smart. He invented a lot of the tools we use in our medical field, as well as many others. He has a lot of talent, and we think he could be of some use to you, though what you do with him is up to you. I only ask that we are allowed to have his brother visit him once a week, to check on his progress and make sure your not having any trouble with the boy."

Iason and Raoul stared at Lee. "You are gifting us one of your best?" Iason spoke as he looked at Jupiter.

"It is a gift far too precious Lord Lee…” Jupiter began, "Are you certain you can do without his incredible intellect?"

Raoul had not spoken, reserving judgment for when his opinion is asked for. He was a tactician, and a man of security. It was, in his opinion, that such a gift did not come without its drawbacks. Or a catch.

"We would welcome any visitor from your world, which you approve of. We know very little about your kind, though you are human in appearance. I found that scans of you and your party do not show you as one-hundred percent human. It is well within human parameters, as Amoians are not all one-hundred percent human either. What I am speaking of is the lack of data, at least what I can't pick up. And rest assured, I am the one being in this sector that can pick up the slightest difference. So I would like for you to explain your physical makeup, if you would be so kind?" Jupiter's eyes lit up as she viewed the two young men outside her chambers. One that looked far too similar to her own Blondie clones.

Lee smirked, "We are very enhanced inside as well as outside compared to most humans. And are considered top of the food chain. Some of my kind, ones we tend to keep locked up, feed on humans or any beings weaker than themselves. We eat only what we need to make energy to move or heal, we do not make waste. And we are able to do things most would consider magic.”

As for the gift, he has come to a stand still in his work. I find that being here, and living among you in whatever way you shall choose for him, will help him get his muse back. The boy has one other talent that, he only uses when he feels the people who hear him are worthy. It is the main reason we gift him to you. His raw talent is beyond words, but the use he makes of it, is even more spectacular.” Lee gave Jupiter the sweetest smile.

I hope that you may get to see this for yourselves. But he is to be treated as one of his looks would suggest among your kind. We do not want him treated any better then he would be if he only happened upon your world. Shall I bring him in?” Lee looked at Jupiter, “I am sure you have seen my son with your gift. My son is fond of the boy I am giving you."

"Your son?" Iason spoke, "While his gifts you spoke will be highly favorable, we do hope he can feel comfortable in our society."

Jupiter gave Lee a nod, "Yes, please bring them both in."

Lee looked to the door then nodded. Glee stood holding Kyo in his arms. He walked to the door as it slid open then walked inside. He moved to Lee, handing him the young boy, then stood next to Lee his arms crossed.

Kyo looked around then his eyes brightened, "Look daddy, a moving computer lady, wow!!"

Glee smiled. Lee only shook his head. "Lady Jupiter, this is my son, Kyokai, and this young man next to me is my gift to you, his name is Glee." Kyo waved happily. And Glee just gave a nod.

Jupiter smiled, and walked over to Kyokai, and touched his cheek. "You are absolutely adorable!" Jupiter stroked his hair. His lovely golden hair.

Raoul gave Glee a once over, not liking the boy's attitude one bit. He felt he was full of himself, perhaps because of his intelligence, or the body language, which reminded him of a certain ex-Pet of Iason’s. He looked over at Iason, who was quite interested in the boy.

There was much that appealed to the tall Blondie. One reason was his intelligence, and two, for his looks. That he stood rather aloof, reminded him of a certain Pet mongrel he once had. Iason took a liking to him, but wondered if his spirit was too high strung.

"Welcome, Master Glee," Jupiter spoke, then walked up to him and gazed into his eyes, as if wanting to peer into his mind. Glee looked away, but Jupiter faded, and reappeared once again standing in front of him, staring into him.

A young man such as he, which held such knowledge, was both a gift, and curse. Would he be able to fit in? Can he be challenged enough to keep him focused? Jupiter paused, then addressed Lee.

"Lord Lee, I am certain your son did not want to be gifted away, and I'm sensing that he is not exactly pleased to be here…”

Raoul gave him a sideways glance, and smirked.

Lee looked to Glee, "He does not want to leave his dog, nor his work in the care of his brothers. But he has no choice, it is what was asked of him from our King."

Glee looked up at Jupiter, his eyes reflecting his deep mind, and his inner workings, but not what was written in it. They seemed far too old for a boy of seventeen. Glee then smiled, "As long as my brother does not let his cat eat my dog, I’m fine with that. But I do not like that I cannot finish Princess. I started working on her to give her to Lady Jupiter, as a remotely controllable body. But if I can't work on her, then I can’t finish her, and then the reason I made her to start with is moot.”

As for wanting to be here, I am actually not opposed to this, my Lady. I have heard much of this land and have wanted to see it. But I wish to see it from the view I have heard it from, and for that to happen, I would be downgraded to a Pet. But I figure that won't do since I am too old, unless you think I would be suitable." He smiled more now, but his smile was more of a sign that he was challenging her.

This did not last long, as Kyokai started to cry and rant, "No! You can't have Glee, he mine! I won't let him be given away it not fair! I love Glee, you people don't. Daddy don't give Glee away, it not fair!" Kyo wiggled his way out of his father's arms and was now throwing a fit on the floor crying.

Outside, a rain storm started up unannounced, when the skies were clear before. Lee looked at Glee, and scowled, "Glee, fix this NOW!" he growled, while pointing at the crying child.

"If these items, your dog, and Princess can be brought here, would you be pleased?" Iason spoke kindly, as the child continued his tantrum. "I'm certain this little one would be happy if he could see you on a weekly basis, is this not so?" Iason looked at Kyokai, and made a face. He wasn't used to seeing crying children, though he did understand why.

"Iason, are you considering taking this young man into your care?” Jupiter smiled, having not seen Iason smile in many months, certainly not since he was forced to give up Riki.

Raoul was not sure he liked the young man going to Iason's penthouse. He had just won his way back into his life after Riki, and he saw this young man the same way he saw Riki; as a risk.

"I am certain, that his intelligence is far too high for the Pet Academy, and that is where I believe you were going, my Lady. But I feel the silence of the penthouse stifling, -no offense Raoul,- so a new face might be just right."

Jupiter looked at Lee, as Kyokai continued his fit, "I assume that your gifts, or rather this child's gifts are causing the tempest brewing outside?"

Lee nodded, and gave Glee a pointed look.

Glee moved over to Kyokai, and spoke, "You remind me of the babe,"

Kyokai giggled, "What babe?"

"The babe with the power.."

Kyokai stood up, the rain outside was getting lighter "What power?"

"The power of voodoo.."

Kyokai made a face, “Who do?"

"You do.."

Kyokai laughed, "Do what?"

Glee stood,"Remind me of the babe."

Glee then picked Kyokai up making him laugh, then with everyone watching, Glee started to sing to the boy.

"I saw my baby, crying hard as babe could cry, what could I do? My baby's love had gone and left my baby blue, nobody knew." He looked at Lee, "What kind of magic spell to use.."

Kyokai squeaked, "Slime and snails?"

Glee smiled, "Or puppy dog tails?"

Lee sighed, then spoke, "Thunder or lightning?"

Glee held Kyokai up over his head, "Then baby said......" He sat Kyo on his hip dancing with him, "Dance magic dance." **

Iason smiled to see the young one change from a fitful tantrum, to giggles and smiles. He also liked his voice. "Yes, my lady, I feel young Master Glee, would be a good addition to the penthouse. He can work in his own area, and also be introduced to Amoian society. He will have a wealth of resources to continue his work on Princess, and have privacy for visits by this little angel." Iason winked at Kyokai.

Raoul sucked his teeth, and rolled his eyes. The days of wooing Iason back to his bed are over, not that Iason was running to him, but he had certainly made progress.

"What do you think, Raoul?" Iason smiled, pleased with his decision.

Raoul glared at Glee, and then smiled at Iason, "It is always up to you, is it not?" Raoul spoke, not fooling Jupiter one bit.

Kyo was now smiling as Glee tossed him up into the air, the weather outside was back to sunny. Then Glee hugged Kyo tight, and stopped singing. "Now listen to me. I know you love me, and trust me. I love you too, more than anything. But to try, and cage love, is the worst thing to do. If love can not be free, or the one you love is chained to you, that love will change to resentment then to hate. Learn to let the ones you love live their lives. If they too love you as much as you love them, then they will stay even with out chains binding them to you. If they do not stay, then that love was not strong enough. Do you understand Kyokai?" Glee glanced at Iason then back to Kyo.

Kyo nodded "Okay I understand." He kissed Glee then ran back to Lee.

Iason pondered on what Glee had spoken. It was profound and far too mature for a man his age. It was enlightening, and yes, even thought provoking. Oddly enough, he set his hopes that he would love the many reference books in literature that filled his private study, and his library. He imagined the young man having many conversations, into the late evening hours.

Jupiter liked the arrangement far more than at first, though her scans of Raoul's inner workings found that his higher brain functions were elevated. No doubt the area in his brain-pan that reacted to jealousy was working overtime. It was no secret that Raoul made his advancements towards Iason, immediately after she exiled Riki. She knew this young Prince would stir the complexity of Iason, and Raoul's lives.

"Then it's settled. Lord Iason, you shall have custody of Master Glee, to do as you will, until a time, when you think otherwise. He will be registered as a Pet, as this is what Master Glee, inferred as wanting to see Amoi through his eyes. He is handsome enough to pass as any high end Pet, and will fit nicely in this position. It is preferable for him to enter the Pet Academy. I do however, caution Master Glee, that he is expected to follow the General Code that fits his station. If you are not aware of it, Lord Iason will educate you on it, and what it means to be a Pet."

Raoul grinned to see this young Prince put in his place. No doubt a haughty young man will find it hard to fit in, and Iason would surely tire of him. At least he hoped this would be the case, so he could go right back into wooing the Blondie he had yet to nail in months.

Glee smirked at Raoul, then bowed to Iason humbly, "I have not been completely informed as to the edict of a Pet, Master Iason, but I have a few ideas. As for your kind offer, of bringing my dog and Princess here, I would like to keep working on Princess but my dog would not like it here. And I do not think this place would agree with him either."

He then turned to Jupiter, "Lady Jupiter, if allowed to by Master Iason, I would like to keep in contact with you. Princess is being made for you, and I will need to make sure she can be used as needed by you; this is why my progress with her has stopped."

"I do not think that is a good idea, My Lady." Raoul stepped forward, "It is a security risk to allow a being from another world into your inner chambers when his background is yet to be determined, or verified." Raoul glanced at Glee, "I will be to the point, no one has access to Jupiter, without proper clearance."

Iason gave Raoul a pointed look. "I am certain Master Glee will have the proper clearance, if I have to bring him myself; and don't think I won't Lord Am." Iason turned to Jupiter, "I'm certain Lord Am will also make himself available when I can not bring him myself." Iason smiled.

"Now wait just a min-" Raoul began but was cut off by Jupiter.

"Yes, that is acceptable. Lord Am, you will escort Master Glee here to my inner chambers when Lord Iason is unavailable, or off-world."

Raoul pursed his lip, "Yes, my Lady."

Jupiter smiled, "Then if Lord Lee is satisfied with this arrangement, I will excuse myself, good day."

Jupiter faded, but actually was in stealth mode, following them all out of her chamber. Raoul was still brooding, and trying to get Iason's attention, but Iason was walking ahead with Glee and Lee.

"I'm sorry your dog would not find Amoi welcoming, though I'm sure you'd like to see him now and then. Please feel free to ask for a private visit." Iason was quite pleased with himself. "Lord Lee, would you like to visit your son's new home? I'm certain you will find it adequate."

Lee shook his head, "No, thank you. Kyokai will tell me all about after his first visit I am sure. Glee, behave yourself, or I’ll gut you like a fish. Have a nice day." Lee vanished taking Kyokai with him.

Glee, out of shock fell over. "YOU CAN'T DO THAT SHIT HERE, DAD!!!"

Iason and Raoul stared at the spot where Lee vanished. Jupiter faded in.

"Master Glee, I'm certain you will explain this to us?" Jupiter scanned the area, and sure enough, there was no sign of Lee, only a faint energy trace that all beings emit.

Raoul gave Glee a sideways glance. "This is exactly why access to you my Lady, is out of the question." Raoul looked over at Iason.

Iason looked at Glee, "I am certain Glee will fill us in on these "gifts" his people have. Is this not so Pet?" Iason was now cool in his response.

Jupiter watched the three, and then spoke. "I will follow your activity with great interest Master Glee." Jupiter smiled and faded out.

Glee smiled as well then growled, "Damn it all dad! Master Iason, I am sorry, my father was in a bit of a rush. I’m sure your not going to believe me if I said he runs really, really, really, fast, so I’ll tell ya the truth. One of my father's gifts is to be able to, well, teleport himself anywhere he wants when he wants, unless someone else with a gift puts up a barrier to stop him." Glee rubbed his temple groaning. "This is going to be one hell of a stay, and if father keeps this crap up, I’m going to be doing way too much explaining."

Raoul rolled his eyes, "No doubt he can fly, and change himself into another form?" Raoul smirked.

Iason looked seriously at Glee, "I've seen many races in my travels throughout this sector. I don't doubt your father has gifts that can not be explained simply as magic. But what I do know, is that Jupiter will take this information, and adapt in her way of dealing with your worlds. So if you and I are to get off on the right foot Pet, you will do as you just did, and explain yourself. It will make this transition, more pleasant without the need of doubt, and suspicion setting in between us."

Raoul's jaw dropped, not believing Iason could be so calm about it all. They left the Ios tower and drove to Iason's penthouse. Raoul was not too happy to get off on the 47th floor, where Iason lived in the penthouse above. "Remember, I am but a minute away Iason…” Raoul whispered as he left.

Iason smiled, as he looked at Glee. "I do hope you like your new home."

Glee smiled, "I think I will, but before you make this a set-in-stone deal Master Iason, you should know more about me and how I know about you." Glee waited for Iason to go inside, then followed. He looked around wondering if the others he heard of were there as well.

"Good evening, Master Iason," Toma was standing in the foyer, as Ayuda stepped in.

He had driven Iason home, and was curious as to who the young man was. He heard Iason say this was his home, so no doubt he figured he was a new Pet. Though he did not look like any Pet he's seen before.

"Ah Toma, I'd like to have everyone meet us in the grand hall."

Toma bowed as he looked at Glee. "Yes, Master." Toma opened the door and waved at Freyn and Askel. Odi was coming out of his private room after hearing the chime that announced when the Master of the house was home.

"Good, we are all here. I'd like to introduce you to Master Glee. He is now a member of our household, and a gift to Jupiter from his world, Makai. He is human to the best of our knowledge, and has gifts of which we will all no doubt learn as he makes his home here." Iason smiled, "He has been registered as a Pet, however he is to be treated with respect, as one befitting a Liaison to Amoi. He's chosen to be classified as a Pet, and as such, he will be treated as one. Please take the time to help him learn his place." Iason smiled at Glee, "Now let us know a bit about you Glee, and then we can speak in private."

Glee took a breath, "First, my Father is full of crap- I am not a human, I am a demon. As for my gifts, I can use fire at will, and I do not feel pain. I can fly with the help of my wings which are hidden, and I sing when I want, and more often then I prolly should. The rest of my gifts I will not say, for I do not plan to use them, or the ones I have already spoke of. I just felt like being truthful, I hate liars, and will not be one.” Glee paused, and looked at Iason, “Master Iason, the rest is best kept in private, it concerns a few mutual friends we have, and I have a gift for you, from one of them as well." Glee reached into his pocket pulling out a small gold ring and tossed it to Iason. "This is yours, Master."

"A demon..." Iason whispered. "That is quite a mouthful Pet." Iason looked at the ring. "And you say this is mine?"

Ayuda and Odi stepped forward and stood between Glee and Iason. "Pet, please move back." Ayuda thought about what Glee just said, thinking if it were all true, then he and Odi were useless, but nevertheless, it was his job. Toma stood near Iason who was looking at Glee from head to toe.

"You say you and I have met before? Well at least we have one thing in common Pet, I also detest liars." Iason's face became serious, "Is this a Pet ring?" Iason now whispered as the light bulb in his head lit up. "You can't mean this is from..?"

Glee nodded, "Yes from my close friend, Riki. I have never met you, but he has told me all about you, and Amoi. Hence, why I asked to see it from the prospective of a Pet, the way he told me. Though I did not expect to be a Pet to the same man he once called Master. I have a letter from him as well, addressed to you. But if you want to have this chat here in front of your men who seem to not trust me, then we can."

Glee moved away from Iason, and sat near the wall. Riki had described the Pet post he had been chained up to, when he was first brought to the penthouse. Glee sat down on the floor hands on his lap.

"I am not here to harm Master Iason, only to do my job. Be a gift now as a Pet, and to finish my work on Princess. And when I am no longer of use here, be sent home to do more work and more jobs. I was made to work, and work I will do. But if you feel I am better off somewhere else, then I’ll leave; just give me the order." He looked right at Iason, "Master Iason."

Iason was speechless. He looked down at the Pet ring. So Riki is alive. His eyes filled with tears and he walked away. Toma and the guards, all stared at one another, as Iason stood by the large windows and stared outside.

"I never thought love would ever enter through my doorstep in this lifetime. Yet this new Pet, a gift from the High King of Makai has filled my life with joys unimaginable, and the sounds of life, his voice would bring this broken heart."
                     Lord Iason Mink,
                    A Prince of Heaven.
"I looked down upon the young child, seeing eyes of blue, and the sun rose in his presence.  Forever lost was I in his eyes.  My Angel would from that moment on, bring me life, love unbreakable, and sorrow deeper than the seas of Makai"
                       Lord Glee Stewart,
                      Dragon God of Hell.
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