Chapter 1


Turn of the Century, New York, 1901

“You say you will always love me, but you never say that you will be mine.” Takara's words and gentle laughter made Ray reach across the sheets, and pull Takara tight against his body.

Ray was known as the Dark One, for his colors were true to his name and when hidden in shadow was nearly impossible to detect. The only colors that betrayed his presence were the scarlet red stripes that glowed across his chest when he was aroused. “I fear 'always' is a tedious word, my love, yet forever sounds far better...especially between the sheets?”

A wicked smile danced across Ray's lips, as he pulled Takara against his growing erection. Ray was not about to let Takara go, knowing it might be the last time he'd be able to bed the Noble from the Underworld.

“You tease me with that smile, little one, but I've never heard you utter forever in all the years I've known you, Ray. I swear, I can never tell when you are honest.” Takara pushed away from his embrace.

“Come now, we are both Demons, it can't be helped.” Ray followed Takara and reached for his hand. “But I never joke when it comes to you, my love. Won't you ever believe me? Does not my very body betray my true feelings?”

Takara did not turn to face him, but spoke in a whisper, “You know where my heart lies. That is what cannot be helped...” Takara frowned. “And besides, we both know your markings only betray the state of your arousal. You could be in love with Cerberus for all I know.”

“I'm wounded you would say such words to me, Takara.” Ray came up behind him. “I don't mean to press you on this but the human world is built on rice paper... Humans cannot even be touched by us, for they would dissolve with the softest kiss. But I am one and the same as you, and I love you.”

“But you are not. You are an evil and mischievous Demon who enjoys dancing in the flames of that very same rice paper you just torched.”

Ray laughed, kissing Takara as he wrapped his arms around his slim waist, and smiled as Takara closed his eyes and gave in. Ray would not miss this opportunity, quickly moving his conquest back toward his bedchamber.

“I simply can't have enough of you, Takara.” Ray nibbled on his neck, as it began to alter into Takara’s Demon form. “I love your scales. I swear the sparks that fly off your skin as I rake my nails across it, would make any dragon green with envy.”

Takara's tall body was now fully transformed, as his blue eyes turned dark amber and his wings stretched out from his back in shades of crimson red and brimstone. His nails raked across Ray's back, shredding his flesh. Ray was easily overwhelmed, crying out in ecstasy as his black wings sprung out, and his blood rained down upon Takara, who was lost in the moment. He stared into Takara's eyes as he lifted his hips demanding more stimulation, and he was not left wanting.

The two began to grind in a frenzy of unbridled passion. Takara's body began to glow red, his scales sparking against Ray's body, burning his lizard-like flesh.

“Yesss!” Ray cried out, ever-the-sadist, as his teeth sank into Takara's shoulder, the two wrestling for dominance.

Ray pursed his lips. “I love a challenge, Noble one, for you never give in easily!”

“I will never be dominated by you, Ray!” Takara's fangs erupted from his gums as he bit back, making the smaller Demon wince, and lose his focus. Takara rolled with Ray in his arms, quickly spinning him face down on the bed, and plunged his cock deep into Ray.

Ray gasped as Takara penetrated with such force; the enraptured Demon could do nothing but accept it with a smile.

“You will always be mine, Takara...forever.” Ray grunted back as the two became lost in a frenzy of thrusts and growls.

Takara's muscular body moved sensually, as he ravished the black Demon. His mind was a blur, and only the sounds of Ray's grunts echoed along with his own in his ears, until his body began to tremble with impending release. Takara would not hear Ray's last words, as his long nails dug into Ray's hips as he came hard.

“I will never give you up; regardless of how many of them I have to kill...”


Present day New York

“I've watched you for some time now, my handsome friend. You walk to your favorite park and sit beneath the same trees, soaking up the sun that pokes through the limbs above. Oh! You just sighed so sweetly, daydreaming perhaps? If I could enter your mind, would I find you there with someone else? Could I ever find my reflection in your eyes?”

Violet sat on a high branch hidden by sunlight. Her wings stretched out letting the breeze hold her up like a kite. She was invisible to the naked eye, though it's been said that only the innocence of a child and animals could see an Angel with their naked eyes.

“I'll kick up a gentle breeze to cool your body down, and watch as your body stretches across the soft grass. As one from above, I often wondered where my heart would lead me. Of all the heavenly creatures that I could choose from, I found your face in everyone I'd met. It's silly, I know, since we've yet to meet...”

Violet was happy just to enjoy the view. The object of her affection was unaware of her presence, and she was content to have it remain that way…for now.

The one who held her heart was a young man known by the name of Takara Takumi. A young artist who fascinated her with his skills, and innocent qualities. But that was just on the surface. Takara was much more than that.

“But you are neither allowed nor aware of my presence. Your realm is off limits to one such as I...yet I am drawn to you, desiring to see your face up close, yet I am content to witness your beauty from afar.”

Violet watched as Takara stirred, then imagined in her mind his real appearance. For Takara, like her, was not human.

“You've hidden your wings, butI yearn to see their crimson blush. You prevent the world from seeing your real form, but you cannot hide it from me.”

A shadow crept over Violet's face. A heaviness that made her believe the world was on her shoulders.

“This world, for all its beauty, can truly be cruel for beings like us. A world we could never share.”

It was a forbidden subject even to bring up in private, among the creatures of the Heavens. Something Violet could not keep silent about, lest she burst out in song and poetry; something she was doing at this very moment from the privacy of her perch.

“If love is what makes us live, what am I to do with the love I hold for you?” Violet swayed with the branches as she pondered this last thought.

“Would I become tainted? Would my wings become as yours?”

Violet let out a sigh, extending her arm out to the young man enjoying the warmth of the sun as it kissed his face from between the branches.

“I hover overhead, tossing caution to the wind, and yet you continue to slumber without a care to weigh you down.” The young Angel made a face when she thought of her daily visits feeling rather foolish for hiding like a stalker, reciting her own poetry. The world continues to move forward, yet I feel my heart would break should I avert my you even think of me?” Violet closed her eyes, as she whispered the answer to the rhetorical question. “Of course not...”

As the breeze shifted the limbs of the trees above, the rays of sunshine danced on Takara's face. It made him stir and awaken from a dream he was having. It was like a motion picture that continued to run in a loop in his mind.

“What a long day!” Takara stretched. “I so needed that nap, though I could have done without that nightmare.” That nightmare was the last time he and Ray were together. A bitter taste came to his mouth, as if his body wanted to purge those images away.

“I do hope those preliminary sketches of Ms. Nadia meet with her approval.” Takara mumbled to himself as he scratched his head. “Ballerinas can be such a pain in the ass.”

It had been an all-nighter once again ending with an empty bottle of wine, and a pile of crumpled wads of sketching paper on the floor of his studio. The result of his artistic mind disagreeing with his common sense. It didn't help that Ms. Nadia was a Prima Donna in the truest form. Hence the empty wine bottle on the floor.

But once he'd gotten free of all the distractions of life, he headed to his favorite part of Central Park. He lay down next to the trees he always slept under, and sighed. Even in a busy city like New York, Takara found the great park surprisingly soothing.

Suddenly, a perfectly timed breeze passed over his body. He stretched out along the grass and began to drift off once again, enjoying the scent of fresh grass beneath his body.

As he slowly closed his eyes, he thought he saw something hover over him, but he dismissed it as an illusion from the light filtering through the trees. Finding nothing strange, Takara soon drifted back to sleep.

“Phew! That was close!” Violet ducked behind the swaying branches, holding on tight. “He is unbelievable...why must he be evil?”

The young Angel bit her knuckle as she leaned forward. “If I were to get a closer look...would he sense me? I could always change my form into a human, and just happen to walk by and least that would break the ice, right?”

Violet felt a wave of excitement over her genius, then as quickly as it came, if faded.

“But this aura would give me away in a minute. Think! Think!”

She went through several emotional expressions as she reasoned her thinking with her heart, and not her mind. “Am I dancing too close to the edge of that slippery slope?”

Violet looked rather childish as she rubbed her wings, a sign of her indecision. “If the other Angels see me, would they be upset? Or perhaps, even jealous?”

Violet looked around secretly hoping it didn't have to come to a choice, wishing this was as natural as breathing.

“Well, I can't continue to look at him without at least knowing his name.” Violet sighed as she hovered now a bit on the lower branches.

Even though she'd watched him for some time, she found it odd that he never spoke to anyone. Violet, daring to get a better look, inched her way closer, when the tree branches bent and snapped, making a loud cracking noise that scared off the birds, squirrels, and every other living creature, taking Violet with them on the way down.


The infatuated Angel landed squarely on her ass next to the object of her obsession.....and desire.

“Fade away! Fade away!!” She screamed in her head, as Takara stirred. Violet quickly faded to invisible.

Takara awoke with a start. He heard the branches snap and then looked to his side. Although there was no form in front of him, he felt as though someone or something was there.

“What in the world?”

Takara blinked the drowsiness away, his voice deep, raspy. He reached out and felt something round and quite soft.

He touched my wing! Violet screamed in her head, as she tried her best to fade into the breeze she’d created. But the love-struck Angel couldn’t help but stare at the handsome man before her. Wow... look at those eyes...they are nearly as blue as the sky! Violet licked her lips.

She was treading on dangerous grounds, and while her brain told her to leave, her body would not respond. Maybe I can just sit from this distance and he won't know I'm still here... Violet did her best to stay still, not that her sore bottom wanted to move nevertheless.

He's just as beautiful as I knew he would be. Up until today I was happy just to watch him walk on by, and take his nap. But now he's right here in front of me!

Violet scooted a bit further back, and away from Takara. The delicate Angel was careful not to leave any visible tracks on the grass, easy enough for anyAngel, except this Angel had a very sore bottom. Yet she could not stop staring. I feel like a total idiot...

Takara felt whatever was in his hand move away, this piqued his interest, along with that strange feeling he sensed with it. He didn't know what caused it, but he knew he had to find it again. Takara turned in the direction of that feeling, got up and followed it.

Suddenly a familiar sensation came over him, one of a being very much like himself. He quickly transformed his body into his real appearance; one Violet was not too shocked to see. Except for one thing.

Takara was naked.

Whoa! Where did his clothes go?! Violet's jaw dropped as she gawked at the tall Demon in the buff.

Takara slowly walked in front of this invisible being he could now sense clearly. To the human world his appearance had not changed, but if another being was before him, surely they would see him. And Violet saw him clear as day.

The young Angel blushed fiercely, getting more than an eyeful of the beautiful Takara in demon form. He had golden amber colored eyes and neatly manicured goatee. His hair was long, and tied back with a golden tie that danced with the sunlight. These were the features characterized by a Noble of the Underworld.

“Is someone there?”

Takara's voice was calm, but Violet remained silent.

“Show yourself now!”

Takara flashed his fangs, which made the infatuated Angel gasp.

“I will not play games when I am the one being fooled!”

Takara crossed his arms over his chest, a posture that demanded a response. He was quite confident of his masculinity, because most beings would appear clothed, at least those from the Heavenly Realms.

Violet felt frightened, and none too happy to be discovered. She turned away blushing as she shut her eyes trying not to look. But after so much time admiring his human form, she couldn’t help but peek at his incredible body.

Takara was stunning, at least for a Demon, Violet thought as she once again peeked through her hands. At the moment, this Demon was not the same innocent man she saw sleeping peacefully on the grass. At least before she’d disturbed his hard-won nap. Takara was rather grumpy now.

He's looking right at me and he appears truly angry. Violet bit her nails looking around and wondering what to do. If I fly away now, he'll think he was just dreaming. Yeah, after all he was asleep...he'll think this is just a bad dream.

Violet started to fly off, but did not realize that her ass was not the only thing she’d hurt on the way down. She tried to spread her right wing and winced, as the wing recoiled close to her back, throbbing in pain.

Oh No! Violet looked at her bent wing. Ow! Ow! Ow!

Feeling trapped, the wounded Angel quickly transformed into a dove, and pretended to have fallen from the trees above, landing at his feet.

I hope he falls for it. Violet trembled on the grass flailing her wings to put on a more convincing show.

Takara looked down, feeling rather foolish talking to himself all along. “A dove?"

The Demon slowly bent down and picked up the trembling bird. He once again felt that strange sensation he’d felt earlier which brought a smile to his lips, as he looked down at the white dove and smirked. “Ha! I found you! You seem to be able to change forms, I see.”

Takara wasn't just an attractive face in his human form; he was very smart as well -if not smarter- than most the Demons on the surface.

“So creature, is this your actual form or is this another one of your tricks?” Takara spoke in a quiet tone to the dove who sat in his palms trembling.

Violet gave Takara a sideways glance and blinked her blood red eyes. While it was true that she wanted to get a closer look at the object of her obsession, she was now a bit closer than she had planned.

“What do I do?! He's bound to try to make me change, and now I know he's got a brain between his pointed ears!”

Violet’s silent thoughts echoed in her head. She decided to sit quietly in his hands until she could figure things out. She considered picking his hands with her beak and making a run for it, wounded wing or not. It was rather ironic that she was face to face with the man she'd stalked for nearly half a year, so she decided to take a closer look, tilting her head sideways to look at his features.

“He's so handsome, should I appear as a male or female?” She pondered. “Because, technically, I'm both. But he may not like that at all. Then again, he is a Demon and may prefer the male form.”

Violet's mind raced as she considered her next move, knowing she had thrown caution to the wind risking even this much. She picked her feet nervously, feeling the heat rise in her cheeks, grateful he couldn’t see her blushing face as he was still naked and oh-so-close.

“This is no time to wonder about his eyes...or any other part of him! Think fast, stupid, before he decides to make you his next meal!”

After careful thought, she decided to appear as a female. She kicked up a breeze once again, and appeared in her Angelic form, hidden behind her glowing aura.

“Stand back!!” Violet shouted in her powerful Angelic voice, raising her right hand toward Takara, while taking a commanding presence. This move, along with her glowing aura was enough to make any Demon bolt, if it weren't for her bent wing.

Takara's jaw dropped as he stood before Violet, shocked and wide-eyed. He thought it was one of his fellow Demons playing a prank on him, but this? What was it? The voice was feminine, and he knew she was an Angel, though he's never seen one quite like this. She was different. Takara's thoughts betrayed his confusion so he stepped back giving the Angel some room.

“What's your name, creature?” Takara shielded his eyes with his hand, trying to get a better look.

Violet's long, golden hair shined in the sun, as she slowly lowered her aura. She decided to alter her heavenly gown to a simple outfit of blue jeans and tee-shirt so she wouldn't stand out. But she found that her injured wing was too painful for her to change form, though transforming into a dove was not as complicated, so she had no choice but to remain hidden from human eyes. Of course, this was rather odd to the Demon, as she fluctuated between Angel and human in appearance.

“I-I was flying after a runaway...” She lied, “to make sure he was free from harm...he's my charge you see, and when I landed on the tree branches above you, the branches broke...and I fell.”

“Your charge?” Takara looked at Violet from head to toe. “You mean to tell me that you are a Guardian? That would make you a Noble of Heaven, is this not so?”

Violet continued to blush, averting her eyes in every direction as she tried desperately not to look at his naked body. “C-Can you please put on some clothing? I'm afraid I can't look upon you if you are going to remain naked before me.” The flusteredAngel blushed fiercely, but continued to look before she decided to turn her back to hide her face. “M-My name is the way. Violet Megumi and yes, I am a Noble of Heaven.”



Chapter 2

Broken Wing

“I appear in this form, that is, the form of a female, because this is what I sensed to be your heart's true desire. But that may change if your heart should decide otherwise.”

“Well, perhaps you were reading my mind, though, at the moment, I'm not too pleased with either form.” Takara thought of Ray, who haunted his memories, and the pain in the ass ballerina, both of whom he'd categorize as anything but pleasant.

He stared at her for a few moments, still surprised to see this Angel standing in front of him while the smart thing to do was to fly away.

Considering it further, Takara usually only took males to his bed, so why was his heart's desire the form of a woman? A bit more pondering stirred memories of his sleeping with women, though he'd not done so in many years. So maybe this creature was that desired form but on a subconscious level? This only confused him more, but being a polite Noble, Takara clothed himself for the sake of the injured creature who was still blushing quite fiercely. He knew this because her temperature was rising.

Violet was feeling rather strange to see such a beautiful Demon. Though truth-be-told, they did have a knack of appearing as something they weren't, which was innocent or kind. But Violet had been watching this particular person for some time. Though she had never seen him in any other form but human. To say he was a Noble could only be confirmed in his transformed state, and that ship had already sailed, as his naked form confirmed to her embarrassment.

Then again, Violet had just told two lies herself, within the span of a few minutes, and wondered if he was able to influence her subconsciously while he slept. Something Violet would like to know if she was to believe his politeness was indeed real.

“Are you done?” Violet spoke with her back still turned. “I'd hate to just leave without saying a proper good-bye, and, in fact, would ask for your name, so as to not appear rude. Though I really don't know how I will get back to my station with this wing...” Violet mumbled the last words, as she let out a deep sigh while looking up toward the Heavens.

“Takara. Takara Takumi is my name, and you can turn around by the way. As for your wing, you should call for aid, or just wait for it to mend on its own. No Demon doctor would treat you here on the surface; most don't even make house calls.” Takara thought on this a bit more, realizing her situation was actually quite dangerous. “On second thought, for your own safety, I suggest that you come stay at my place.” Takara said this more as a command than a suggestion.

Violet stared at his dominating stance, finding his manner a bit standoffish. “Well, I don't have the means to get back home at the moment, and since I can't be seen by humans I suppose that will be...alright.”

She shot him a guarded look, still feeling rather strange accepting his offer and hoped he was as genuine as he appeared to be.

“I hope it won't be too much of a burden.” Violet whispered.

“Burden or not, you would most likely die if I left you here alone.” Takara spoke, really not caring if his harsh words affected her.

He didn't know what to think of the beautiful Angel who landed at his feet. His own heart was beating like a drum, knowing Angels, just likeDemons, were best unseen by man. Even more important was the fact that Angels and Demons were better off not being seen by each other. So without waiting for a response, Takara reached for Violet's gown, careful not to touch her, and pulled her alongside him as he moved at a quick pace. He was determined to get her out of view of any other Demon who might be in the area. Violet would be an easy target in her injured state.

“Ow, ow! Don't pull so hard, I am a delicate creature you know!” Violet complained. “Besides that, I have no idea what this Demon has in mind, Noble or not!” Her last thought spoken only in her mind.

Violet looked up at the tall Noble. “T-Takara, why do you sleep out in the open? Are you not afraid to be discovered?” She looked around nervously, hoping no one spotted her being hauled away by a Demon.

Takara rolled his eyes at the question. Why is this little thing so curious?

He really didn't like answering such questions in public, but since there was no one around, he thought he'd be polite and respond.

“Because unlike you, human eyes can't see my real form. All they see is a man lying on the grass. I can't imagine lying about in my Demon form, can you? Though talking to myself will surely attract the wrong sort of attention.”

Violet shook her head, as she tried to keep up with the tall Demon. They picked up speed as they went from walking on grass, to what seemed an endless trail of sidewalks as they left Central Park, to go to his apartment building in the city.

“Well, that may be true for you, but it is not so for me. I can be spotted by children, and animals like to gather around me. It's actually a real problem to see professional dog walkers being dragged away by their dogs, after a creature that can easily be seen by adult the human eyes.”

Violet spotted several small children tugging at their parent's hands while pointing at her. Not to mention the small number of pigeons that hovered overhead.

“But you can be seen in human form, right?” Takara spoke as he looked back at Violet.

Violet continued, having missed Takara's question. “Not only that, they tend to really get me quite soiled with their paws and whatnot.” Violet was feeling rather put out that Takara could do as he pleased, and enjoy the sunlight and the soft green grass as if he didn't have a care in the world. After all, animals usually ran away from Demons, especially the really mean ones. It wasn't so easy for an Angel to walk about with nature wanting their attention.

“Are you sure this is going to be alright? Won't your friends find it odd that you are being seen with me?” Violet started to worry, quickly realizing that perhaps all the romantic ideas in her head were not thought all the way through.

“Well, who would ever believe a child who says they've seen a winged person? Or think of a dog barking at air as something strange?”

Takara's face betrayed no emotion as he spoke, all the while thinking, Dammit, I hope none of my Demon customers actually spot us and think she's a snack!

Although it did not appear that far, they walked about four square blocks of the city when Takara finally stopped in front of a tall high-end building. “Here we are.” He said as they stood in front of an enormous apartment building in the center of town.

Violet stared at the tall building. “You livehere

Takara looked up. “Yes, did you expect me to live in a cave somewhere in the park? Or perhaps some seedy motel off of the beaten track?”

Violet knew better, so she kept her thoughts to herself.

“Well, I suppose I can stay for a bit, but just until I can get this wing to work. Though I could just take the elevator to the top and hope I can get a ride from a fellow Angel, because it would take more than a running start to get home.” Violet spoke without thinking, then felt the sleeve of her gown drop at her side.

Takara rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Whatever works for you.” The tall Demon shrugged his shoulders a bit put off by her words, and instead decided to lead her up five flights of stairs. After all, he was kind enough to allow her to stay at his place, when he could have left her to fend for herself.

Still trying to be a gracious host, Takara turned on the charm. “So do Angels ever eat? I ask because I have a wide range of clientele but you are my first Angel.”

Violet was visibly out of breath, raising a hand in an attempt to answer him. She rarely walked anywhere since she had wings to get her from here to there. So she found the trek up five flights of stairs -with a broken wing no less- quite tiresome. Of course, this didn't stop Violet from talking all the way up, which surprised Takara. By now he was rather irritated with himself, thinking the elevator would have saved him from her constant chatter. When they finally got to the fifth floor Takara opened the door to a very spacious penthouse apartment filled with the strong scent of oil based paints and a sea of art supplies.

"Why did we not take the elevator?" She complained. "I can't be seen by people, and it would have taken only a few moments to get up here."

Violet was stunned into silence as she entered Takara's home. It was decorated with numerous paintings, and some rather impressive sculptures. This was not something the little Angel expected, and certainly nothing elegant or tasteful; imagining all sorts of Demon-type surroundings and ghastly velvet paintings. Not that she's actually seen such things, as her duties were in the search and recovery of runaway souls.

After she had caught her breath, Takara's words sank in.

"Um...well I don't actually require food really, though I do love to eat, and it's rather rude to decline if it's offered. But I would take a glass of water?"

Violet walked around the many paintings noticing some were in different stages of progress. She wondered if he had stopped the current portrait to work on something else, or just got bored. She noticed several framed photographs on a credenza which caught her eye if only because there was always the same two men standing outside what appeared to be an art gallery. Several were vintage images dating back to the turn of the century, and all of them had Takara in them who remained ageless. She drew nearer and noticed the men were different in every photograph though they appeared to be from the same family. The name of the gallery was The Macintosh Museum and Fine Art Gallery. She assumed the men were the Curators. The clothing worn truly dated the time in which the photographs were taken.

“Oh my.” Violet whispered, wondering what it was like to have known so many generations of one family. Unlike Takara, she did not interact in people's lives, always remaining invisible and behind the scenes, and unable to touch the lives of people like this young artist.

Takara left to get her a glass of water, still unsure about this strange Angel. She was not afraid of him and that in of itself was something to ponder. She was beautiful, and even though he only got a quick flash of her real celestial beauty, it was enough to make a lasting impression.

Yes, those violet colored eyes. He thought. He quickly wondered if he would be able to capture her real beauty with her natural aura as he had seen it at the park. But he didn't know if it was worth the hassle considering one, she was an Angel, and two, it was nearly impossible to agree on anything; though she did agree to his offer and was in his home at the moment. “Strange.”

Violet felt divided at the situation she found herself in. She'd been around the handsome Demon for some time, and wondered when exactly it was that she’d fallen in love with him. It must have been several months ago that she first found him sitting on a bench with a sketch pad. There was sadness to his gaze, and he always returned to that particular bench near a small pond with a bridge over it. There were several swans, and a family of ducks that swam about with their little ducklings. No matter the weather, he rarely missed a day. Violet knew, because she always waited for him to show up.

Of course, Takara had no idea Violet loved him, and there was that one little issue that would complicate things, he was a Demon.


As Violet walked through Takara's penthouse suite, she was amazed by his eccentric lifestyle, admiring the fine art tastefully placed around his home. Then she stopped in front of a painting of a woman sitting under a tree. It was truly beautiful, and appeared to have been painted with a delicate hand, yet with much passion. After staring at it for a few moments, she realized it was the very same tree Takara always slept under.

Takara was on his way back when he noticed Violet in front of his painting. He gave her the glass of water and quickly covered the portrait.

"That is a beautiful portrait--" Violet began.

“You are here to heal not criticize my work.” Takara seemed unreasonably flustered. Violet moved away from the portrait holding her glass of water near her lips. “So if you would please follow me, I'll show you to the guest room where you can rest that wing of yours.”

Takara quickly led her through the penthouse up a spiral stairwell to a corridor with rooms individually painted with basic colors. He stopped in front of the white room. It had a full size bed with a wooden dresser and nightstand. The nightstand held a book with an ornate cover, and a lamp, in case Violet wished to read while she healed.

“Well, here we are. I do hope you will be comfortable. I'm sure a good night's rest will help you mend.” Takara extended his arm and ushered the Angel through the door.

Violet's eyes grew wide, as her room was as bright as the noontime sun. She held her glass of water tightly, and watched as Takara closed the door behind her.

"Thank you...Takara." Violet whispered and bowed slightly as she stared at the door for a moment. "I wonder what that was all about?"

She turned back around and looked at her surroundings. There was a simplistic charm to it, but she did not feel comfortable in the color scheme. Maybe her host thought that because she was an Angel, white would be the best choice. Violet was truly in love with the deeper tones of blue, green, and yes, red. The darker the crimson shade, the better. Perhaps it was Takara's blood-red colored wings that had her enchanted. The book on the nightstand caught her eye, simply because it was the only thing in her room that did not have a white tone to it.

“Romeo was an Idiot.” Violet spoke out loud. “Now who would ever write a book with such a title?" Violet opened the cover to find an inscription.

“To my dearest friend, Takara,

The only living creature who is capable of painting my image.


“Osiris...the Osiris?” Violet shrugged her shoulders, thinking it was probably a joke from one of his many guests to amuse themselves within a white room devoid of any passion. Violet made a face then placed the book down. She walked over to the wooden dresser and found a silver comb and a hand mirror. She used it to take a look at her wounded wing, and realized she was quite a sight. Her hair was windblown and messy after her fall. She looked at her face and discovered a scratch on her forehead that must have happened when she struck the branches on the way down.

"Well, this won't do." Violet began to comb her long blond hair as she sat quietly and hummed to herself.

After several minutes she stopped and looked around. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she felt as if she was being watched. The irony. She thought, considering she had spent the past six months lurking around Central Park to catch a glimpse of her host.

Once the door closed, Takara's confident persona crumbled, and he fell against the wall. What had this creature done to him? He couldn't get her beautiful figure out of his head. Instant desire to see her again made him move to the keyhole and peek inside.

What am I doing? I'm not a pervert, at least as far as Demons go. He thought to himself, however, he couldn't help but look on.

But there was no escaping the fact he was a Demon, noble or not. Soon his mind began to imagine what Violet would look like undressed, with his hands caressing her beautiful porcelain skin.

“I am failing in my resolve to be above my devilish blood. Takara let out the slightest moan, and felt his pants tighten as his member reminded him that his brain was never on the same page as his cock.

Violet decided she would attempt to heal her wing, and get back to her perch in the clouds. She removed her tunic off one shoulder and winced as her other wing prevented her from stretching out and removing the tunic altogether. She let out a huge sigh and sat on the bed half clothed.

Takara licked his lips, as he was gifted with the image of one perfectly round breast. There was only a hint of pink that peeked from the tunic. Otherwise he would have seen perfection at its best. The excited Demon reached down and caressed the bulge that now throbbed for release. Had it been any other guest, male or female, they would have been moaning beneath his body by now. But as he heard Violet's soft words, his heart skipped a beat.

"Today could have not been the worst day," she mumbled. "But at least I am near him." The last words were said only above a whisper and she smiled. "Now I need to either redress or undress before he comes back and finds me in the middle."

Takara blushed as Violet moved her hands trying to decide what to do about her state of dress, or lack thereof. The young Demon gave in to his body's demands, and unbuttoned his jeans. With a deft hands he began to stroke his member. He continued to watch Violet, trembling with his excitement.

Violet tried to power up her Angelic gifts, but discovered it hard to focus. "Could it be his presence?" She mumbled to herself and wondered if she was actually so infatuated with Takara that her subconscious mind desired to remain near him?

As Takara peered through the keyhole, he saw her undress. His blue eyes widening at the half naked Angel in his guest room. He heard every word she said and wondered who this person was that she was talking about. But at the moment, he was in the middle of his own self-pleasure; he could hardly keep his body still long enough to look through the keyhole. His hand was now moving so fast, it would not be long before blissful relief would bring down his feverish ministrations. But his activities now gave way to a loss of balance, as his hips began to thrust forward making him fall onto the flat of his back, a muffled sound coming from his throat as he came.

“Ohhh...Mmm," Takara's heart was beating so hard he feared Violet would come out and find him with his pants down to his thighs, and his hands tightly gripping his spent cock. Though as he thought about it a bit more he figured she'd write it off as him just being a Demon.

Suddenly Violet heard a noise near the door and jumped off the bed, quickly blending into the white walls. It was a knee-jerk reaction and she felt rather dumb doing it although half nude, but once she stood by the wall, the only thing visible were her violet eyes. She closed her eyes hoping to not be seen should someone walk in.

I am so stupid... She thought.

“I am such a pervert!” Takara mumbled to himself, as he reached for a handkerchief from his jeans' pocket and cleaned up. He quickly pulled up his jeans, and once again peeked through the doorknob, leaning closer to the door. But due to his excited state, he misjudged the distance, knocking his head against the doorknob making a loud thump.


He cursed to himself as he rubbed his head. After the initial pain wore off he looked back into the room, but Violet was nowhere to be seen. Slightly worried, he got up and knocked on the door


There was no response from her, so he entered the room. He looked around and found the brush on the bed, but nothing else. Takara could feel her presence, so he knew she was still around. He followed that feeling until he stood right in front of the wall where Violet was hiding.

Violet held her breath, which for an Angel was a good long time, but eventually she had to breathe and with a loud exhale she opened her eyes and found a pair of stunning blue eyes staring at her. She was discovered and to her embarrassment, half dressed.

Takara looked her over slowly, seeing the broken wing hanging off her shoulder. Her nakedness didn't bother him at all since he was an artist, having seen his share of nudes. It also helped that he had just jerked himself off.

Feeling a bit more composed, he spoke. "Are you sure you're alright?” Takara asked with a sincere tone. “That looks really painful. Would you like some help?”

Violet was so shocked she could not respond but held her wing tight against her body.

Hearing no complaint, Takara came closer and let his curiosity decide his actions. He reached forward with his rough hands and touched the softness of Violet's back. Her skin was supple with not a blemish on it and her hair felt as soft as silk. Takara has never seen nor touched anything like it.

"Eek!" Violet quickly covered her nakedness with her left wing. She attempted to use the right wing but failed miserably and knocked over the bedside lamp on the nightstand, making the lights go out.

"Don't look at me!" she shouted.


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